What is HMEP?

The Highways Maintenance Efficiency Programme (HMEP) is a sector-led transformation programme that will maximise returns from highways investment and deliver efficiencies in highway maintenance services. The Programme started in April 2011 with sponsorship from the Department for Transport, and is intended to run until 2018. The Programme is being developed mainly by Local Highway Authority staff with assistance from consultants where necessary. For further information see

Who developed the Toolkit?

The HMEP Project Board and Project Team in consultation with a number of local authorities. See the Acknowledgements in the Guidance Document

Who is the Toolkit aimed at?

Local highway authorities and their staff including highways, transportation, procurement, financial, and other professionals engaged in highway services and their procurement.

How is the Toolkit to be used?

Ideally the user will read the Guidance document first and then go thorugh each stage for a particular route chosen. In developing a route the user can save at any stage and return to that route at the Welcome page after logging in.

Where can I find additional advice on Procurement?

See the References in the Guidance Document together with the case studies referenced throughout the Guidance Document

Where do I find advice on Defining the Contract?

HMEP website:

Where do I find advice on procuring a new contract?

HMEP website:

Can I share the completed routes with my colleagues?

Yes see the Next Steps screen where you can send a route pdf to an email address. The email will arrive with the pdf attached and a message from the user and a generic HMEP message

Who manages and acts on the feedback?

The Project Team together with CIHT


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